Has anyone out there noticed the incredible amount of doomsday articles, blogs, comments, and editorials online? Perhaps due to the near apocalyptic social confinement of the Covid pandemic, billions of opinions are sprouting up like a mushrooms after a rainy day, all seemingly pointing at the end of time. Really? How imaginative! What an incredibly new concept! Wow! Sorry to burst your bubble but this idea of END has been going it all BEGAN, back in some lush garden in Eden, or as other more advanced minds prefer, since that chimp smashed a skull with a femur in Space Odyssey. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said a few thousand years ago: Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

All this to say that Enigmatic Sound Machines have been spending a lot of time in the studio, pondering not only creating new musical horizons but also analyzing the state of the human condition, since we still remember as students in the same school, the valued lessons of Plato, Darwin, Descartes (yuck!), Voltaire and good old Blaise Pascal, most of which still cannot grasp the fundamental question that plague the human mind… Why?

Thankfully, as AI and other machines continually stretch the parameters of logic (gulp) and knowledge (emotionless, of course!), we can still lose ourselves in fantasy, laughter, and creative rebellion. By and large, Jeremie and Thomas spend a lot of their time laughing at pretty much everything, including each other, because there is that one definite besides taxes. In our latest creative sessions, our inspiration has come from awaiting the arrival of some saviour, knowing full well that Apocalypse does not mean the end but actually revelation. Perhaps even the surprise disclosure that humans can be quite stupid and even vile. Again, nothing new. As Madame de Stael (later swiped by Mark Twain) famously quoted “the more I analyze the human race, the more I love my dog“. Or Albert Einstein’s zinger “There are two infinites, the universe and human stupidity but I am not too sure of the first one”.

Themes that we were particularly fond of emanated from the decision to choose our next album title, “The Hierarchies of Angels”, making damn sure that both nouns are in the plural form, so as not to be perceived of not covering all the bases and leaving some extremist cherub out of the loop.

With potential titles like Killswitch, Inside Nowhere, Android Man, Sacrifice, Blurred, Stand…Fall, Slaves, The Preacher (featuring The Sermon), Walking Through Walls, Wish and Something Evil, as well as a slew of other compositions nicely baking in our synthesized ovens, the mood is definitely dark but nevertheless fun, as our positive demeanour and outlook on life (as well as our alleged maturity), gives us the license to be daring, dramatic, sarcastic, ironic, sardonic and yes, for all the kids out there: playful.

Stay tuned to the upcoming segment schedules for next month. Be enigmatic !


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