For those incredulous few out there who may have thought that Enigmatic Sound Machines would be a
here today/gone tomorrow one-shot-wonder, not sorry to disappoint you. We are overjoyed to
announce that we have been working diligently on a second album pretty much since launching our
debut on September 1, 2023. Two primary reasons are at the forefront: first, the ongoing worldwide
acceptance of our first album Telepathic Waves has stimulated our confidence, therefore secondly,
opening up the creative sluice which is overflowing with seemingly endless inspiration. This next chapter
will surely blow you socks off, even if you are barefoot on the beach, sipping pina coladas and looking
out for sharks.
The title has been chosen as “The Hierarchies of Angels” and the track list promises to be devastating!
We will also be featuring some impressive guest talent, namely the legendary prog/fusion bassist
Hansford Rowe (Gong, Gongzilla, HR3 and many more), guitarists Shane Hoy (The Dylans) and Alain Roig.
The sophomore release will highlight an even more progressive slant, elevating the classic synth-pop
electronic style, adding often powerful, immensely elegant, and even surprising details to the mix. The
lyrics are at times shamelessly outraged, deeply introspective when required, while the production and
stylistics emphasize an overall more dramatic feel.
Scheduled  for global release in the spring of 2024, we are extremely thrilled at the prospect
of setting a new standard for modern music, as we remain devoted to our craft and growing audience.

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