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Based in Montreal, Canada, ENIGMATIC SOUND MACHINES is a retro-futuristic project, the brainchild of two childhood friends with a common love for music, philosophy, and the arts.

Jeremie Arrobas is a founding member of Men Without Hats, a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, writer, composer, arranger, and producer. Creator of hundreds of audio, video, and visual arts projects, in particular the highly successful multi-media poetry site Le Souffleur De Sons. He also recorded music as Favorite Nation, Magic Dingus Box, and Isinglass as well as a solo career.

Thomas Szirmay is a musicologist, researcher, producer, arranger, and writer. Specialist in progressive rock, jazz-fusion and electronic, and has written over 1500 reviews on internet platforms Prog Archives, House of Prog as well as a FB page called Prog Rogue. He is also an amateur historian as well as a contributor to various ‘think tanks’ in matters of European military and political history, particularly concerning the former Yugoslavia. Speaks 7 languages fluently.

Jeremie and Thomas attended College Stanislas, a French private school in Montreal (as well headquartered in Paris) where the rock revolution ignited by Woodstock had a huge artistic influence on the students, giving birth to luminary groups like Maneige, Men Without Hats, Trans X, and The Box.

 Together they attended famed concerts by Genesis (Gabriel era twice), incredible shows by Yes, Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind (the before last show before Lemmy getting kicked out) and a thrilling Santana- Peter Frampton double bill. When it was time to go to university, they faded away from each other, keeping only occasional contact over the decades until on fine day during the pandemic they hooked up once again, the friendship basically continuing from where it had been left off!  

In the summer of 2023, Jeremie had an unexplainable urge to compose fresh new material in his home studio, aiming for a bolder style that reflected his itch to record and move forward. Due to a severe loss of hearing (Jeremie lost 80% of it's hearing 10 years ago, but thanks to modern technology he never stopped composing), he suggested that his friend Thomas’ vast musical knowledge might assist in being his “ears” as well as providing sonic advice, some lyrics, progressive rock influences as well as marketing skills to manage the band. Within weeks 13 tracks were ready to be launched September 1, 2023, on an unsuspecting world. The rest is history.

Our next album  "THE HIERARCHIES OF ANGELS". was released May 15 2024.

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