Our Top 5

Thomas Szirmay


The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich -William Shirer 

The Rise and Fall of Communism- Archie Brown

Iron Curtain- Anne Applebaum

Les Fleurs du Mal- Charles Baudelaire

The Mitrokhin Archives I & II – Vassili Mitrokhin



Remains of the Day -Anthony Hopkins 

To Catch a Thief- Cary Grant

North by Northwest – Alfred Hitchcock

The Train – Burt Lancaster

Judgment at Nurember (greatest cast ever assembled)



Roxy Music 

King Crimson

Pink Floyd

John Foxx/Ultravox

Genesis (Hackett-Gabriel-Phillips)



Jeremie Arrobas


Les chants de Maldoror – Lautréamont

La légende des siècles – Victor Hugo

The Morning Of The Magicians – Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier

 The Hero With A Thousand Faces – Joseph Campbell

 Beelzebub”s Tales To His Grandson – Georges Gurjieff


 2001: A Space Odyssey – Stanley Kubrick

 Altered States – Ken Russell

 Excalibur – John Boorman

 12 Monkeys – Terry Gilliam

 The Matrix – The Wachowskis



 Pink Floyd

 Led Zeppelin


 Depeche Mode

 Gary Numan

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